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Invented by CSR Edmonds Australia and distributed by EdmondsUSA, a "hybrid" ventilator gives you the best of BOTH free ventilation by wind or gravity AND motor powered ventilation that is the lowest cost you can find. ecoPOWER™ hybrid turbine ventilators offer the highest air flow available in a gravity ventilator and 3 performance levels of motorized flow - 1412, 2500 and 5885 CFM - at power levels as low as 68 watts. Input power goes even lower if aided by wind. See this in action at booth 356. While there ask for your copy of the Seattle architect ZGF's 24 by 48 inch poster showing their design for the University of Washington that eliminated air conditioning. Call 800 610-9222 for information on our field trip to view the rooftop of the 4 story engineering building.

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